My husband was killed in a car accident 6 years ago.  Although it was devastating to our family, without the help of Judy Solano, I wouldn’t have been able to go through the process of getting two bills changed.  I’m a strong Republican and Judy came into my life at such a tough time.  Judy went way beyond what my expectations were from any public representative, and she helped me over and over again knowing that I might not even vote for her.  She saw that these issues were important and urgent and believed in me.  I have the highest regards for her approach and attitude and the care/respect that she showed to me, an average person that she represents.  I know I want a strong person like Judy in office to represent me again.

-Diane Sueper


“Judy is a knowledgeable and resolute champion for public education in Colorado.  She is especially committed to bringing the exceptional benefits of early childhood education to our littlest learners, and to their families and communities.  We could have no stronger, wiser, or more effective advocate for children and families in the Colorado Senate than Judy Solano.”

-Phil Corn, Ph.D, Major, USAF (ret.)


Judy Solano is a very dedicated, compassionate person. She has helped my husband expedite the process of his VA healthcare he so desperately needed. She has and will fight for issues that matter to me and many others in Adams County such as renewable energy, affordable healthcare for all, jobs, and our seniors.

-Patti Wilkin

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